Acupressure & Massage

Jade Massage Roller

Stock # WJR

Great for improving circulation, this massage roller not only provides a relaxing facial massage but also enhances the skins beauty.

Massage Wands

These beautiful hand carved massage wands are contoured for a comfortable fit in the hand and crafted for a comforting and therapeutic massage.
Stock # Crystal Colour Size
WSQ Smoky Quartz Crystal White 8 - 12 cm
WZJ Zebra Jasper White & Dark Brown 8 - 12 cm
WOC Orange Calicite Orange 10 - 12 cm
WRQ Rose Quartz Pink 10 - 12 cm
SWID Selenite White 4 - 5"

Stressbuster Massage Ball

Using a combination of point pressure, massage and reflexology, this patented product erases muscle, tendon and joint pain.
Great for the entire body from head to toe. Available in 3.5" and 8".
Stock # Diameter
6243 3.5"
2503 8"