Wooden Buddha Statues

The Buddha was born in India more then 2500 years ago, but his influence has spread throughout the modern world. The Buddha means The Awakened One

These Buddha statues are hand carved in the Ubub region of Bali, using wood from Sustainable forests.

Meditating Buddha

Perfect for a personal altar or for travel, Buddha is seated in the lotus position. The composed feature of this elegant carving evokes the peace of the Buddha in meditation.

Stock # Size
BWM 6"
BWXL 15"

Happy Buddha

Smiling or Fat Buddha represents several beneficial attributes such as happiness, prosperity and contentment. Consequently, people in East Asia have placed the Fat Buddha statue in their homes and offices in order to attract these attributes into their lives.

Stock # Size
BWS 6"
BWSI 15"

Weeping Yogi

The World is full of sorrows and joys and they need to co exist with each other. The Yogi represented in this statue is weeping for all the sorrows in this world therby, letting us enjoy some of the joys life has to offer us.

Stock # Size
B105 4.5"