Buffalo-Nature School & Office Supplies

Products with Natural Fabrics

The use of natural materials such as jute and cotton in pencil cases and school bags is a unique approach that brings these products to another level. These materials are not only 100% biodegradable but they are also sure to impress with their practicality and their trendy look.

1.5" Zipper Binder
Stock # B27019
Stock # B41023
13" Laptop Sleeve
Stock # B4001
Binder Pouch Natural
Stock # B42044

Bamboo Products

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It is known to produce greater biomass and 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest of comparable size, while improving water sheds, preventing erosion, restoring soil, providing sweet edible shoots and removing toxins from contaminated soil.

Ball Point Pen
2 Pack - Blue
Stock # B40010
Mechanical Pencil
2 Pack
Stock # B1398
Pencil Sharpener
Stock # B1362
Stock # B2157
4" X 6"
Stock # B25085
8" X 10.5"
Stock # B25083
Stock # B2587

Corn Products

This family of products introduces plastic made of corn starch, a non-toxic and renewable source that is 100% compostable. The increasing popularity of plastic made of corn starch can probably be attributed to its identical feel to traditional petroleum-based plastic.

Stock # B35006
5" Rounded Tip
Stock # B31015

Recycled Products

A high percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial content in these products and their packaging is the ultimate goal when designing them. Introduced in this line are post-consumer recycled cardboard, plastic, rubber, newspaper and PET bottles.

Paper & Corn Plastc Pen
4 Pack - Blue
Stock # B40015
4 Pack - Pink & Yellow
Stock # B13020
Self-Adhesive Notes
3 Pack
Stock # B1591
Stock # B2585

Bio-Degradable Products

These plastic products have an addative that will help them to completely biodegrade in two years.

Binder Index Divider
Stock # B1736