Salt Products

Himalayan Massage Tools

Stock # WHS

These beautiful hand carved massage wands are contoured for a comfortable fit in the hand and crafted for a comforting and therapeutic massage.

Stock # HSM102

This tool is a gentle but effective means of concentrated massage, through rolling, deep tissue compressions and palm placement. Can either be used warm or at room temperature. Sold in sets of 2.

Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Stock # SD101

This cutting-edge instrument - a pioneer of modern detoxing applications, has been developed for aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, in order to invigorate and detoxify tired hands and feet. This practical appliance can also function as a general relaxation aid after a long day. The beautifully rounded dome is made of 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt, resting on a rosewood base and comes complete with a dimmer switch in a full colour box with user instructions.

Salt & Scrubs

Himalayan Bath Salts and Scrubs are organic, rich in minerals, and rejuvenating. The crystal salt is hammer-crushed, not ground, and is pinkish in colour due to the minerals it contains. Natural, pure essential oils.

Picture Picture Picture Picture
Bath Salts
Stock # 5948
Bath Salts
Lavender Hills
Stock # 5947
Bath Salts
Stock # 5949
Bath Salts
Stock # 5950
Body Scrub Pic Body Scrub Pic Body Scrub Pic  
Body Scrub
Lavender & Chammomile
Stock # 5951
Body Scrub
Peppermint & Spearmint
Stock # 5952
Body Scrub
Tangerine & Grapefruit
Stock # 5953

Crystal Salt Bar Pic Picture
Crystal Salt Bar
For bath and massage, ideal for
re-hydrating and re-mineralizing the skin.
Stock # A3263
Deo Crystal in Pouch
Non-perfumed, alcohol and
chemical-free deodorant stone.
Stock # DSSU

Candle Holders & Crystal Lamps

Made from pure, natural crystal-salt from the foothills of the Himalayas. When heated, the candle holders and lamps generates negative ions.

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Salt Crystal Oil Diffuser
Stock # T009
Votive/T-Lite Holder
Stock # A3137
T-Lite Holder
Stock # A3268
USB Micro Salt Lamp
Stock # L1022
USB Sphere Shaped Salt
Mood Lamp
Stock # L1023
USB Pyramid Shaped Salt
Colour Changing Lamp
Stock # L1024
  USB Power Adaptor
Stock # L1027

Designer Tea Light Holders

Salts for these lamps are carefully picked and hand crafted to have a premium colour and natural warmth.

Stock # 025420
Stock # 025418
Stock # 025464
Stock # 025462
Stock # 025460
Yin Yang
Stock # 025422

Table salt

Himalayan crystal salt is Bio-energetically "alive". It contains the same 84 key trace elements as our bodies, so it is easily metabolized. This hand-crushed salt is pinkish in colour due to the minerals it contains. No additives. Mill comes filled.

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Himalayan Salt Mill
Stock # A3187
Himalayan Salt Mill
Stock # A3699
Himalayan Table &
Cooking Salt
Stock # A3201

Himalayan Salt Chef

A selection of kitchen accessories made from Himalayan Salt these items have a natural pink beauty and provide the benefits of the Himalayan salt.

Mortar & Pestal
4" Spice Jar
Stock # MP102
Salt Caddy
Stock # SC201