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Himalayan Salt Detoxer

Stock # SD101

This cutting-edge instrument - a pioneer of modern detoxing applications, has been developed for aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, in order to invigorate and detoxify tired hands and feet. This practical appliance can also function as a general relaxation aid after a long day. The beautifully rounded dome is made of 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt, resting on a rosewood base and comes complete with a dimmer switch in a full colour box with user instructions.

Bath Salts Bath Shots

Himalayan Salt Bath Shots contain the perfect amount for one bath, in a variety of tantalizing scents.

40% Epsom
Stock # 8610

Stock # 8611

Stock # 8612

Stock # 8613

Lavender Hills
Stock # 8615

Queen of Sheba
Stock # 8617
24 Unit Display, includes 4 of each scent.
Stock # 8630

Himalayan Massage Bars

These multipurpose bars can be used for massage, a skin exfoliate or as a natural deodorant.

Crystal Salt Bar Pic Himalayan Salt Massage Stone
Crystal Salt Bar
Stock # A3263
Himalayan Salt
Massage Stone
Stock # HSMS

Candle Holders & Crystal Lamps

Made from pure, natural crystal-salt from the foothills of the Himalayas. When heated, the candle holders and lamps generates negative ions.

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Salt Crystal Oil Diffuser
Stock # T009
Votive/T-Lite Holder
Stock # A3137
T-Lite Holder
Stock # A3268
USB Micro Salt Lamp
Stock # L1022
USB Sphere Shaped Salt
Mood Lamp
Stock # L1023
USB Pyramid Shaped Salt
Colour Changing Lamp
Stock # L1024
  USB Power Adaptor
Stock # L1027

Designer Tea Light Holders

Salts for these lamps are carefully picked and hand crafted to have a premium colour and natural warmth.

Stock # 025420
Stock # 025418
Yin Yang
Stock # 025422

Table salt

Himalayan crystal salt is Bio-energetically "alive". It contains the same 84 key trace elements as our bodies, so it is easily metabolized. This hand-crushed salt is pinkish in colour due to the minerals it contains. No additives. Mill comes filled.

Picture Picture Picture
Himalayan Salt Mill
Stock # A3187
Himalayan Salt Mill
Stock # A3699
Himalayan Table &
Cooking Salt
Stock # A3201

Himalayan Salt Chef

A selection of kitchen accessories made from Himalayan Salt these items have a natural pink beauty and provide the benefits of the Himalayan salt.

Mortar & Pestal
4" Spice Jar
Stock # MP102