Eco-Friendly Mats

Tapas Terra Earth Elements Eco-Rich Sattva Jute

Tapas Terra

The first of its kind, this mat combines the quality and performance of a Tapas Sticky Mat with a more Eco-Friendly manufacturing process. 25% of the Terra Mat is made of plant-based materials. There are no heavy metals or phthalates. Comes in Leaf Green.

Terra Mat
Leaf Green
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Earth Elements

Naturally provides excellent traction and is specially designed for non-slip performance. An extra soft touch with beautiful colours and textures inspired for nature by nature. Made with TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer) foam, this mat contains no latex, PVC or rubber, and uses no toxic materials in its production. This earth friendly mat is also decomposable, recyclable and toxin-free.

Blue Eco Purple Eco Sunset Eco
5 cm
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5 cm
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3 cm
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The Eco-Rich Mat was designed for those who love the function of a PVC mat, but wish that it was a little greener. Replacing as much of the heavy metal and phthalate free PVC as possible with plant-based oils. This unique process creates a more eco-friendly Tapas Mat with a VERY sticky feel. Better for the Earth and your practice!

~ 68" x 24" x 1/8" ~

Blueberry Eco Pomegranate Eco  
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Sattva Jute

This mat adds to a growing collection of environmentally friendly yoga products. Featuring a non-slip backing of PER (Polymer Environmental Resin), an eco-friendly material that contains no formaldehyde or heavy metals and is static free and resistant to mildew.

~ 1/8" X 24" X 68" ~

Sattva Jute
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