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6' Cotton Straps

Cotton straps are useful for yogi of all levels. We stock the CINCH buckle style on sturdy 1.5" cotton webbing that adjusts easily and holds securely. The designer fabric cotton straps are soft to touch. A size label on each strap makes it easy for teachers and students to know at a glance which strap to use. Made of 100% Cotton. 6" straps available.

Strap Natural Strap Navy Strap Purple Strap Stripe
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Physio Balls

Physio balls are a versatile product, they can be used in yoga and pilates practices as well as incorporated into dance. Made from durable vinyl these balls can support up to 600 pounds! They are shipped un-inflated and include a small hand pump.

Ball Blue Ball Purple Ball Silver
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Pilates Resistance Band Set

This set includes three bands with different levels of resistance and a pair of easy-to-attach handles. Great for Pilates and other strength training exercises. Compact and convenient for travel.

Resist Band
Blue, Purple & Green
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Fitness Circles

Fitness circles add resistance to your workout, develop muscular strength, improve your endurance, and increase your body awareness. Foam grips provide extra comfort for this lightweight fitness tool that's great for home or travel.

Recycled Block Recycled Block
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Weighted Workout Bar

Steel bar cushioned in foam for a comfortable and secure grip. Great for strength conditioning and flexibility training.

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Sandbag (Unfilled)

Yoga sandbags add weight to your poses, literally. A yoga sandbag on the top of your thighs in Reclined Hero's Pose releases back muscles while a sandbag on the grounded leg in Reclining Leg Stretch makes your stretch more dynamic. Use a sandbag under the balls of your feet in Mountain Pose for a hamstring stretch or under the buttocks for lift in seated poses. Each bag is made of high-quality packcloth with an inner coating that prevents dust and sand from escaping through the fabric. A sturdy handle makes it convenient to position and carry.

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Secret to Weight Loss Kit

The Secret to Weight Loss Volume 1 & 2 DVD's
Water Bottle
Nutritional Booklet
Exercise Poster

weight pack
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