Incense & Aromatherapy

Ayurvedic Incense

Sold in sets of 5, each packet contains 10 incense.
Ayurvedic incense sticks are prepared with a blend of herbs, roots, resins, aromatic essences and other natural elements, traditionally used by Ayurvedic medicine. Studies have proved that the soothing smoke and aroma that is released on burning these incense sticks, provide harmony, peace and quiet. A fair trade product.
Stock # Scent Stock # Scent
AYI01 Citratha - Mental Power AYI07 Loban - Devotion
AYI02 Costen - Well-Being AYI08 Myrrh - Mystical Atmosphere
AYI03 Jatamansi - Strength AYI09 Nannari - Poise
AYI04 Juniper - Awakening AYI10 Sambrani - Meditation
AYI05 Kapurkachri - Mantric Power AYI11 Triphala - Balance
AYI06 Kasturi - Aspiration AYI12 Vetiver - Stability

Fruit & Spice Incense

Sold in sets of 5, each packet contains 10 incense.
The Fruit and Spice incense series has been created for enhancing the atmosphere with various nostalgic & spicy scents. They are meant to evoke memories or a sense of longing or simply give pleasure to the senses. You can use fruit flavour or the exotic spices to just relax and shut the world out. A fair trade product.
Stock # Scent Stock # Scent
ISF01 Banana ISF07 Coffee
ISF02 Cardamon ISF08 Mango
ISF03 Carnation ISF09 Mixed Fruit
ISF04 Cinnamon ISF10 Pineapple
ISF05 Clove ISF11 Strawberry
ISF06 Coconut ISF12 Vanilla

Mosquito Repellent Incense

6 Packs of 10 Sticks
This mosquito repellent does not pollute the atmosphere with chemicals and poisons but instead keeps the atmosphere aromatically clean with its natural beneficial ingredients. The natural herbal incense stick and essential oils are good for a peaceful living, free of mosquito population. A fair trade product.
Stock # Scent
IAM01 Lemon Grass
IAM02 Lavender

Palo Santo Stick Set

Stock # PPSS

Spiritually, Palo Santo is often used for purification, meditation, to increase flow of the bodies energy, and to ward off bad energy/spirits, misfortune, and calamity.
Sold in sets of 5.

Smudge Wands

Made from a combination of sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender or copal. Wrapped with 100% cotton string, each wand is considered a sacred herb used for centuries by First Nations people in the smudging ceremony.
Stock # Scent Size
755100 Sage 4" - 5"
755105 Sage & Cedar 4" - 5"
755110 Sage & Copal 4" - 5"
755115 Sage & Lavender 4" - 5"
755120 Sage & Sweetgrass 4" - 5"
755095 White Sage 4" - 5"

Stock # Scent Size
755125 Sage 6" - 7"
755130 Sage & Cedar 6" - 7"
755135 Sage & Copal 6" - 7"
755140 Sage & Lavender 6" - 7"
755145 Sage & Sweetgrass 6" - 7"
755098 White Sage 6" - 7"

Stock # Scent Size
755155 Sweetgrass Braid 24" - 5"
755157 Loose Herbal Blend
Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass & Lavender
1 lb

Salt Crystal Oil Diffuser

Stock # T009

This diffuser provides double the benefits, it helps to clean the air with negative ions while spreading the aroma of essential oils.
Great for both general and therapeutic uses.