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Honey Candles

100% Pure Bees Wax
Handmade with 100% pure Canadian beeswax these candles are eco-friendly and good for your health, with absolutely no carcinogens or hazardous ingredients, wicks made with cotton, and all natural ingredients. The great thing about beeswax candles is that they produce unique compounds as they burn, which neutralize airborne allergens and toxins. Breathe the difference pure beeswax candles make. Plus, beeswax candles produce a natural glow that is closest to sunlight.
Honey Candles Christmas Specials
Effective Sept 15 - Nov 30

Inspirational Banners

These inspirationl banners are handcrafted in Bali and are made from a mix of cotton and other fabrics. They provide a unique decorative focal point perfect for the home, office or studio.

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Alive Natural Health Series

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