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Mrs. Anderson's Cheesecloth

Stock # 22018

100% Cotton, Extra Fine Cheesecloth. Great for making homemade cheese, jelly, and Greek style yogurt. 3 sq. yards.

Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Cheesecloth

Stock # A044

All Natural 100% unbleached cotton. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ideal for steaming, straining, spice bags, basting and poaching. Also can be used to clean surfaces. 2 sq. yards.

Beyond Gourmet Parchment Paper

Stock # A042

Made from 100% unbleached, Chlorine-Free paper. 71 sq. ft, 13" wide.

Beyond Gourmet Baking Cups

Stock # A048

Made from 100% unbleached, Chlorine-Free paper. Includes 48 cups, 2.5".

Regency Naturals Unbleached Spice Bags

Stock # 950RW

100% unbleached cotton. Easy to create Bouquet Garnis. Use to flavour soups, stews, and sauces. Also great for sachets and bulk tea. Includes 4 reusable bags.

Nut Milk Bags

Stock # A5712
Stock # 43869

Extracts milk from seeds, nuts, and pulp. Strains jellies, cheeses, and preserves.
11" x 9" reusable, machine washable, polyester bag.

Juicing and Food Prep

Infusé Flavor It Beverage System

Stock # 22018

3-in-one system for brewing, infusing, and chilling beverages.

Squeeze & Pour

Stock # 29600

Dishwasher-safe and BPA free citrus squeezer with container.

Twist'N Spout

Stock # 43762

Citrus Juicer for extracting fresh juice from lemons, limes, oranges, and other citrus fruits.

Apple Corer

Stock # 48020

Creates 8 even slices while separating the core in one easy motion. Stainless steel blades and silicon comfort grip handles.

Berry Box Display

Stock # 674PRO

Keeps berries fresher longer. Use boxes to wash, serve, and store berries. Boxes are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Display comes with 6 containers.

Strawberry Huller & Slicer

Stock # 87312

The Huller & Slicer is made of stainless steel. The handle is contoured to the natural grip of your hand. Reduces prep time.

The Coconut Tool

Stock # 9085

The coconut tool removes meat fast. the blade is designed specifically for coconut meat removal. Heavy duty stainless steel construction and easy to use.

Twin Blade Mango Slicer

Stock # 93217

Cuts two equal sections. Removes the pit with zero waste. Soft-Grip, super fast and easy to use. Dishwasher safe.


Stock # 93250

Cuts, pits, scoops and slices. Stainless Steel blade with BPA free plastic handle. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Stock # 0048

Stainless Steel Drinking Straws are an environmentally friendly option for those want or need to drink through straws. Includes cleaning brush.

Stock # 42005

Tea Products

Infuser Tea Pots

DescriptionStock #
3 Cup White713742
3 Cup Cobalt713744
6 Cup White713741
6 Cup Cobalt713743

Disposable Filter Bags

Stock # 1601
T-sac tea filter #1: Comes with 100 filters in the box that make one cup of tea each, and holds 2 tsp of loose leaf tea.

Stock # 1602

T-sac tea filter #2: 100 filters per box. Each filter brews a 2-4 cup teapot. Holds 4 tsp of loose leaf tea.

Stock # 97125

T-sac tea filter #3: 100 filters per box. Each filter brews 3-8 cup teapot. Holds 7 tsp of loose leaf tea.

Stainless Steel Infusers

All infusers are dishwasher safe.

Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Display  
1 1/2" Snap Mesh Tea Balls
Stock # 2423YI
1 1/2" Snap Mesh Tea Balls
Hanging Package
Stock # 2423C
1 1/2" Snap Mesh Tea Balls
24 Unit Display
Stock # 2423D
Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Display  
1 1/2" Spoon Type Tea Infuser
Stock # 2415NK
1 1/2" Spoon Type Tea Infuser
Hanging Package
Stock # 2415C
1 1/2" Spoon Type Tea Infuser
24 Unit Display
Stock # 2415D
Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Tea Infuser Display  
2" Mesh Tea Ball
Stock # 2360YI
2" Stainless Steel Tea Ball
Hanging Package
Stock # 1013
2" Mesh Tea Ball
24 Unit Display
Stock # 2360D

Matcha Products

Aerolatte Matcha Tea Frother

Stock # 092
For making and enjoying rich, frothy, Matcha Tea and other beverages. Takes 2 AA batteries and made from FDA approved BPA plastic.

Tea Whisk

Stock # 97125

This traditional bamboo whisk is used in Japanese tea ceremonies to prepare perfectly smooth Matcha.

Mini Spoon


Stock # 97125

Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this mini spoon has many uses for tea time.

Tea Scoop


Stock # 97130

No more guessing! Measure the perfect amount of match every time with this traditional scoop.

Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Sachet

Stock # BDS

Bamboo Charcoal Sachets are small bags filled with crushed, burned bamboo charcoal, which due to its porous microstructure and odour absorbing capabilities, is a natural deodorizer. Bamboo charcoal is mineral-rich in content and emits ions, making it an amazingly versatile product. Ideal to place in any small area, e.g. fridges, closets, cars and even inside shoes, drawers, lockers etc. 200g sachet.