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Spring 2017

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68AGAINST ALL GRAIN: CELEBRATIONS (A year of gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo recipes for every occasion. This book helps take the stress out of holiday cooking for those with allergies and sensitivites, by creating meals everyone will enjoy that are easy to prepare. Included are beautiful full-colour photographs of every dish.)WALKER, DANIELLEH40
67ALKALINE CLEANSE (From a weekend of juices, smoothies, and soups to a 6-day slimdown, high-protein cleanse, and long-term 28-day life-changer. These menus avoid acid-causing meat, dairy, wheat, and refined sugar, and focus on foods that create alkalinity, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. More than 100 delicious recipes for entrees, snacks, and even sweet treats provide the inspiration you?ll need to nourish your body naturally and rid yourself of toxins.)CORRETT, NATASHAH27.95
128ALZHEIMERS PREVENTION AND TREATMENT DIET (Outlines a cutting-edge nutritional program that will be of interest both to Alzheimer?s patients and to anybody who wants to maintain optimal memory and mental agility for years to come.)ISAACSON, MD, RICHARD S. & OCHNER, PhD, CHRISTOPHER N.LP27.95
283ANGELS THE DEFINATIVE GUIDE (This book is a celebration of all the world?s divine messengers and a definitive resource containing all of the knowledge collected about these awe-inspiring beings.)FAUGEROLAS, MARIE-ANGELP28.5
313APPLE CIDER VINEGAR CLEANSE (Explains the myriad health benefits of apple cider vinegar, and will offer a 7-day cleanse to help readers jump-start their weight loss and journey to better health.)GEORGIOU, CLAIRELP20.99
595BATCH (This book showcases techniques for a variety of skill levels, explaining how to batch your recipes to make two preserves at once, gives multiple options for preserving in ten minutes or less, and serves up mouthwatering center-of-the-plate meals that take your preserves from the pantry to the table.)MACCHARLES, JOEL & HARRISON, DANAH35
637BEESWAX ALCHEMY (Offers a basic introduction to the art of extracting and purifying beeswax, as well as countless ideas for what to make with it. These include skin care creams, candles, and other home products like beeswax ornaments and wax fabric.)AHNERT, PETRALP28
673BEST HOMEMADE VEGAN CHEESE & ICE CREAM RECIPES (These completely vegan but completely delicious recipes will have you enjoying cheese and ice cream with a minimum of effort but lots of luscious flavour. The recipes are easy to follow, and with just a little bit of organization and preparation, you'll be creating sorbets, ice cream, ice pops and frozen desserts, along with tempting artisan cheeses, all in the comfort of your own kitchen.)LAFORET, MARIELP19.95
1000BROTH & STOCK (Illustrates why a good broth or stock is the foundation of amazing and wholesome cooking. Included are over a dozen master recipes for base stocks and then 40 recipes using these stocks in complete meals.)MCGRUTHER, JENNIFERLP24
1114CARRY ME CRYSTALS (Using your intention, carrying a crystal card is like carrying the physical gemstone. The cards also give a crystal description and provide sound meaning and advice channeled by Yeshua (Jesus). The workbook describes how one can use crystal cards for empowerment, personal growth, and the attainment of peace in one?s life through the clearing of chakras.)EISINGER, JOANIE & JARVIS, ELIZABETH & PETERKIT24.99
1491CB - COLORING FOR BALANCE (72 mandala designs that invoke a sense of balance, harmony, and well-being in a portable package.)FINCHER, SUSANNE F.LP12.95
1495CB - COLORING FOR INSIGHT (42 mandala designs that promote confidence, energy, and purpose presented in a portable package.) FINCHER, SUSANNE F.LP12.95
1493CB - COLORING THE SACRED FEMININE (An adult coloring book featuring 50 mandala designs that invoke a sense of the sacred feminine.)FINCHER, SUSANNE F.LP12.95
3679CB - HEALING WITH BACH FLOWER MANDALAS COLOURING (A joyful and beneficial colouring book for those with hearts open to the combined experience of play and healing. Both the Bach Flowers and the mandalas bring forward distinct features and while playing with the colour, design and nature of this beautiful book, participants may find they are feeling more balance, harmony and focus in their lives.)PENSELIN MEd, GUDRUN & KRATSCHAT, YANA-LEELP23.95
4815CB - MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS COLORING BOOK (This stunning coloring book, with exquisite illustrations, brings messages of comfort, support and hope from your angels. Coloring in these beautiful images will allow you to connect more deeply with your angels, helping you to open up your subconscious mind through an enjoyable, relaxing and meditative creative activity.)VIRTUE, DOREENLP14.99
1379CHCKPEA FLOUR COOKBOOK (The Chickpea Flour Cookbook is your go-to resource for using this tremendously versatile and nutritious pantry staple, and includes over 80 delicious, healthy, easy-to-make recipes.)SAULSBURY, CAMILLA V.LP22.95
1377CHICKPEA FLOUR DOES IT ALL (Seasonal vegetarian recipes for making the most of chickpea flour - a standout alternative that?s versatile, nutritious, and gluten-free.)LOVE, LINDSEY S.LP29.95
1369CHINA STUDY SOLUTION (Breaks down cutting-edge nutritional research into easy-to-follow instructions on what behavioral principles are needed to succeed in your journey to optimal health, what to stock in your pantry, how to read labels and shop, and how to navigate social and eating-out situations, as well as 50 easy recipes and a 2-week menu plan.)CAMPBELL, THOMASLP17.5
1408CLEAN SOUPS (Shows how to use wholesome stocks and soups to naturally detox and stay energized year-round. This book also explains the building blocks for creating deliciously balanced soups, such as Moroccan carrot soup, kale soup with coconut and lime, and simplest chicken pho.)KATZ, REBECCA & EDELSON, MATH29
1499COMPASSIONATE CHICKS GUIDE TO DIY BEAUTY (Part DIY vegan beauty how-to and part self-improvement manifesto, this book will show you how to whip up luxurious, cruelty-free (and gluten-free) makeup, skin and hair products with natural ingredients for just pennies per treatment. The recipes are super fun and convenient and they give you complete control over what goes on your skin: only the purest ingredients with no nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives.)FIEDLER, CHRYSTLE & SUBRAMANIAN, SUNNYLP24.95
1589COMPLETE GUIDE TO NATURAL HOMEMADE BEAUTY PRODUCTS & TREATMENTS (Discover how to effectively make use of nature?s bounty, so you can prepare your own beauty treatments for complete skin, body and hair care. Using aromatic and medicinal plants, flowers, fruits and essential oils, these incredible recipes, along with lifestyle tips, will enhance your beauty from head to toe.)RUIZ, AMELIALP24.95
1065COMPLETE TEN DAY DETOX DIET PLAN & COOKBOOK (This incredible book offers a complete cleansing and detox diet that?s easy to follow, practical and realistic. It detoxifies the body, so it?s a valuable aid when it comes to optimizing weight and improving digestion, skin, joints, energy levels, hormones, immune systems and overall vitality.)BARNES, KARENLP24.95
7014DECK: YOGA SEQUENCES DECK (With a 92-page booklet covering the principles of sequencing yoga classes and providing clear guidance on arranging postures in the most effective ways, the deck includes 100 yoga flash cards color-coded by pose family. The cards feature clear color photos of postures with the corresponding English and Sanskrit names on side one and detailed information on how to put postures together in sequences.) STEPHENS, MARKKIT38.95
2466ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO ESSENTIAL OILS (This book offers specific, easy-to-follow recipes to prevent illness, reduce stress, enhance physical and mental health, boost energy, and even revitalize appearance, giving readers all the information they need to tap into the healing art of aromatherapy and take charge of their health.)WILSON, ROBERTA LP24
2631FERMENTED (Beautifully photographed with easy-to-follow instructions on DIY home fermentation, this essential cookbook will help you incorporate fermented foods into your day-to-day eating, allowing you to experience different flavors and a wealth of health benefits that will have you feeling entirely anew.)PIKE, CHARLOTTEH31.95
2677FIRST MESS COOKBOOK (Presents a visually stunning collection of heirloom-quality recipes highlighting the beauty of the seasons. Her 125-plus produce-forward recipes showcase the best each season has to offer, and as a whole, demonstrate that plant-based wellness is both accessible and delicious.)WRIGHT, LAURAH35
2694FIVE DAY REAL FOOD DETOX (This 5-day detox program allows you to eat whole, nutrient-rich foods - and feel satisfied and energized while dropping pounds! Complete with gorgeous full-color photos, success stories, shopping lists, and meal plans.)SHARP, NIKKILP29
2825FOODS THAT FIGHT CANCER (This book itemizes which foods are the most effective against specific cancers and explains how they work. By understanding the science behind the therapeutic benefits of these foods, we come to realize why it is so criticaL - and easy - to bolster our body's defenses against cancer just by adding cancer-fighting foods to our diet.)BLIVEAU PhD, RICHARD & GINGRAS PhD, DENISLP29.95
2831FORKS OVER KNIVES FAMILY (A complete guide to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle for your entire family, with more than 125 delicious kid-friendly recipes and tips for raising a whole-foods-loving child in a junk-food-laden world.)PULDE, ALONA & LEDERMAN, MATTHEWH34.99
3405GO WITH YOUR GUT (A comprehensive guide to rehabilitating gastrointestinal distress through a holistic lifestyle. Included are 75 delicious recipes to help clean the gut.)YOUKILIS, ROBYNLP28.95
3415GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN (A practical, comprehensive program that lowers the risk for brain ailments while yielding other benefits, such as weight loss, relief from chronic conditions, and total body rejuvenation. Includes recipes, tips and tricks for common challenges, meal plans, and advice on everything from sleep hygiene to stress management, exercise, supplements, and more.)PERLMUTTER MD, DAVIDH39
3487GUT HEALTH DIET PLAN (This revolutionary 30-day programme shows you how, instead of treating symptoms of illness as they arise, you can tackle the root causes with five simple steps: Remove, Replace, Repopulate, Repair and Rebalance. This programme will help you to remove the underlying factors wreaking damage to your gut, restore digestive health, quench inflammation, heal the gut for good ? and achieve true, long-lasting health.)BAILEY, CHRISTINE LP20.95
3539HARVEST (A beautifully photographed, gift-worthy guide to growing, harvesting, and utilizing 47 unexpected garden plants to make organic pantry staples, fragrances, floral arrangements, beverages, cocktails, beauty products, bridal gifts, and more.)BITTNER, STEFANI & HARAMPOLIS, ALETHEAH29
3565HEALING BERRIES (Fifty wonderful berries and how to use them in health-giving foods and drinks. )HARTVIG, KRISTENLP15.95
3656HEALING SPICES (Shows you how to make the most of your spicerack and discover just how tasty healthy eating can be. Renowned nutritionist and naturopath Kirsten Hartvig offers over 100 delicious and easy recipes from around the world, from starters and preserves to confectionery and liqueurs.)HARTVIG, KRISTENLP15.95
3678HEALING SPIRITUALITY (This valuable handbook to Bach Flower remedies includes the system explained in detail, information on vibrational healing, Bach's life, beliefs, and philosophies, descriptions of Bach flowers, and practical information on integrating Bach flower remedies into everyday life.)PENSELIN MEd, GUDRUNLP33.95
3736HEALTHY COCONUT FLOUR COOKBOOK (Walks you through everything you need to know for using coconut flour with great results. You'll find a handy icon guide for those recipes that are (or can be made) Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and more, so in no time you'll be whipping up new favorites that will please everyone.)KERWIEN, ERICALP23.99
3742HEALTHY GUT COOKBOOK (A soothing and flavorful collection of 120 recipes for broths, fermented foods, greens, salads, meats, and more, proving that healing your digestive system doesn't have to be bland and boring.)PRITCHARD, GAVIN & GANGADHARAN, MAYALP24.95
3758HEALTHY WOMAN HEALTHY LIFE (Contains nearly sixty chapters covering the foundations of women's holistic health, specific health concerns, and alternative health solutions. Topics range from diet, physical fitness, and home detoxification, to adolescent health, heart disease, and menopause.)NULL PhD, GARYLP44.95
3767HOLISTIC HEALTH FOR ADOLESCENTS (This book presents therapies based around the five senses - including acupressure, aromatherapy, yoga, sound/music therapy?to help teens with their mental health.)MILOSAVLJEVIC MD, JD, NADALP28.95
4003HOMEMADE BEAUTY (150 all-natural skin, hair and body care recipes that are inexpensive, toxin-free, and easy for readers to make themselves.)STROLE, ANNIELP18
4076HORMONE BOOST (Over 60 recipes and a simple Pick-4 guide that allows you to create hormone-optimizing meals and dishes that ensures the right balance of carbs, fat and protein at each meal. The Hormone Boost also features: simple steps to prep your home and body for a hormone boost, daily tracking aids, a weekly workout plan emphasizing strength training, supplement advice, and inspiring success stories.)TURNER, DR. NATASHAH32
4081HOT DETOX (The sanest and smartest way to cleanse, with easy-to-follow 3-, 10- and 21-day plans, proven techniques for crushing cravings and over 140 delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes you?ll want to enjoy every day!)DANILUK RHN, JULIELP29.99
4104HOW TO CONCEIVE NATURALLY (Readers will discover that it's possible to have a healthy pregnancy in your thirties or early forties. From a 12-week preconception fertility detox to a postpartum plan to rebalance hormones, this book empowers women to take charge of their fertility at any age.)ORECCHIO, CHRISTA & BUCKLEY, WILLOWLP26.49
4157HUNGRY STUDENT VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK (All the recipes in this book are balanced for a healthy vegetarian diet, and they each have an affordability stamp to help with budgeting as well as detailed instructions to make them accessible to even the most novice cook.)SPRUCELP10.99
4204ICY CREAMY HEALTHY SWEET (75 recipes for a full range of frozen sweets. You'll find healthy treats that use fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, that are free of refined sugars, and that include vegan and dairy-free options. The results are flavorful, unique, refreshing, and healthy?making the whole experience a little sweeter.)CHITNIS, CHRISTINE H28.5
4265INSPRIALIZE EVERYTHING (This versatile and healthy book provides plenty of recipes that feature more than 20 vegetables and fruit. Recipes are crafted to become well loved staples in your repertoire. Includes adaptations for any diet, including paleo, vegan, raw, and gluten-free.)MAFFUCCI, ALILP24.99
4376JOYOUS DETOX (This book helps you eat and live joyously with 100 filling yet detoxifying recipes. Detox without deprivation while you enjoy Joy's Strawberry Oat Mini Pancakes, Juicy Chicken Spinach Burgers, and naturally sweetened treats like Chocolate Chia Mousse. Also included are 2 and 10 day detox plans with information on adapting them to fit different diets like, omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan.)McCARTHY, JOYLP32
4402JUICE GURU (A 21-day juicing plan that will get you going on your path to lifelong health and wellness, as well as 100 flavorful fruit and vegetable juices, all bursting with nutrients that will give you the energy to get through your day, whether at home, at work or at play.)PURSSACK, JULIE & STEVELP19.95
4418JUST SOUP (50 soup recipes, all super easy to make, with high-impact flavours, and ingredients guaranteed to nourish your body.)CLANCY, HENRIETTALP27.99
4459KETO COOKERY (Practical cookbook that can be used daily features nearly 450 nutritious and delicious ketogenic recipes for healthy living. All recipes are simple with ingredients that are readily available.)FIFE ND, BRUCE LP24.5
4458KETODIET COOKBOOK (More than 150 delicious low-carb, high-fat recipes for maximum weight loss and improved health - grain-free, sugar-free, starch-free recipes for your low-carb, paleo, primal, or ketogenic lifestyle.)SLAJEROVA, MARTINALP29.99
4454KEY TO CRYSTALS (Helps master the art of crystal reading, while developing intuitive powers along the way, and discover all there is to know about the magic of crystals. This book uses a combination of detailed background information and fun, simple, interactive lessons and exercises to help unlock mystical potential.)BARTLETT, SARAHH23.99
5364LHN: OIL OF OREGANO (Learn how to buy and safely use oregano oil in over two dozen treatments, make an infusion from the dried herb, and use fresh and dried oregano in several nutritious recipes, including a healing oregano tea.)SCHUETZ, BARBARAB7.95
4549LITTLE BOOK OF HEALTHY BEAUTY (A revolutionary, naturopathic plan that enhances beauty, improves health, and reverses aging, Dr. Pina's powerful program is guaranteed to make you glow from the inside out.)LOGIUDICE, PINALP20
4550LITTLE BOOK OF HYGGE (From one of the worlds happiest nations comes a way of life that will help you find your own happiness through a hygge lifestyle. This book will help you be more hygge: from picking the right lighting and planning a dinner party through to creating an emergency hygge kit and even how to dress.)WIKING, MEIKH21.99
4617LOW FODMAP AND VEGAN (This book lays bare not only the FODMAPs vegans with IBS need to avoid, but also the wide assortment of nutritious plant-based foods that are generally well tolerated. Easy-to-read tables and shopping lists helps readers stock their kitchen with kind-to-the-gut fruits, vegetables,grains, nuts, seeds, beverages, and condiments. The 70 scrumptious low-FODMAP recipes will help readers prepare spectacular seasonings as well as mainstay dishes.)STEPANIAK, JOLP22.95
4741MAYO CLINIC BOOK OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AND HOME REMEDIES (Provides answers to the most pressing questions people have about the effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine and when it's appropriate to use natural remedies in place of or in conjunction with traditional medicine. Also provided are helpful tips on how to treat common ailments and incorporate alternative treatments into the readers' and their families' lives.)MAYO CLINICLP27.95
4772MEDICAL MEDIUM (Reveals the root causes of diseases and conditions that medical communities either misunderstand or struggle to understand at all. This book explores all-natural solutions for dozens of illnesses that plague us.)WILLIAM, ANTHONYH26.99
4774MEDICAL MEDIUM LIFE CHANGING FOODS (Delves deeper into the healing power of over 50 fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and wild foods that can have an extraordinary effect on health. This book explains each food's properties, the symptoms and conditions it can help relieve or heal, and the emotional and spiritual benefits it brings. Also offered are delicious recipes to help enjoy each food's maximum benefit.)WILLIAM, ANTHONYH29.99
4843MOCKTAIL MANUAL (Whether you're looking for some mocktail recipes, trying to detox with some juices, or fancy a hot drink that will seriously dispel any winter blues, there's a recipe for you. This book contains over 80 drinks that will quench your thirst in the most satisfying of ways.)GREEN, FERNH22.5
4897MOON JUICE COOKBOOK (Recipes that harness the healing properties of adaptogenic herbs, raw foods, and alkalizing ingredients to create potent drinks, snacks, and sweets that deliver a multitude of health benefits.)BACON, AMANDA CHANTALH40
4892MORE COLORING FOR CONTEMPLATION (Divided into 4 sections; love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Each section contains beautiful, meaningful themed artwork, for you to colour, alongside an accompanying quotation from some of the most inspirational thinkers around the world.)HATCH, AMBERLP11.95
4949NATURAL ANTIBIOTICS & BOTANICAL TREATMENTS (This incredibly comprehensive and informative guide is dedicated to the power of time-honoured medicinal plants, and shows you how to easily treat minor infections and everyday ailments - without any side effects.)SIEWERT, ARUNA M.LP24.95
4940NATURAL BABY FOOD (The perfect resource for new and experienced parents alike, filled with over 150 delicious, nutritious recipes to please even the pickiest palate. Divided into concise, clear recipe sections for different stages of baby?s growth, this book is a quick, reliable resource to help any parent keep their baby or toddler happy and healthy.)RUDER, SONALILP22
5038NATURAL REMEDIES FOR KIDS (An easy-to-use reference for parents who are ready to take their family's health into their own hands by using over 100 natural and herbal remedies to help common ailments at home.)TIETJE, KATE & ZAJAC, BOBLP27.99
5046NATURAL TREATMENTS FOR LYME COINFECTIONS (Details effective natural holistic methods centered on herbs and supplements and reveals how to treat specific symptoms, interrupt the cytokine cascades, reduce inflammation, and bring the immune system back into balance. This book explains how these natural methods not only complement conventional Lyme disease treatements but also provide relief when other forms of treatment fail.)BUHNER, STEPHEN HARRODLP23.95
5852NEW SEAWEED COOKBOOK (A must-have collection of 106 delicious recipes featuring the rich and deeply nourishing flavors of sea vegetables of all kinds. Known for its healing properties in detoxifying the body and reducing inflammation, seaweed is the most abundant food on Earth?a nutrient-dense super food with a long history of medicinal uses.)MADERIA, CRYSTAL JUNELP24.95
5183NOURISH (Dozens of delicious, approachable recipes made with wholesome beans, nuts, seeds and lentils, including extensive information on how these nutritionally packed recipes can benefit your health.)CORNISH, NETTIE & ROSENBLOOM, CARALP29.95
5192NOURISHING FATS (Shows readers why animal fats are vital for fighting infertility, depression, and chronic disease, and offers easy solutions for adding these essential fats back into readers' diets.)FALLON MORELL, SALLYLP32.49
5184NOURISHING TRADITIONS COOKBOOK FOR CHILDREN (Provides children with the key messages of the Nourishing Traditions - the benefits of eggs, butter, bone broths and soups, lacto-fermented foods, meat and organ meats. Beautifully illustrated, the book teaches the basics of healthy cooking step by step. Children and their parents will enjoy lots of original recipes for healthy snacks, desserts, baked goods, lunches and breakfasts.)GROSS, SUZANNE & FALLON MORELL, SALLYS44
5258OH SHE GLOWS EVERYDAY (Wildly delicious recipes that are perfect for busy lifestyles, promising to make plant-based eating convenient every day of the week - including holidays and special occasions! Filled with more than 100 family-friendly recipes everyone will love.)LIDDON, ANGELALP32
5306ONE HUNDRED FIFTY BEST MEALS IN A JAR (When made ahead these 150 tempting and innovative recipes last for days, these canning jar recipes include everything from breakfast to dessert and everything in between, including more hearty rice and noodle bowls.) LINTON, TANYALP19.95
5375PALEO DIABETES SOLUTION (Manage your blood sugar with 125 recipes plus a 30-day meal plan. - These paleo-inspired recipes will give you the tools you need to manage or reverse high blood sugar levels while enjoying delicious food at the same time.)HILLHOUSE, JILL & CANTKIER, LISALP27.95
5580PROTEIN POWDER COOKING (200 Delicious Recipes to Supercharge Every Dish With Whey, Soy, Casein and More - Unleashing the health benefits of protein powder, this book teaches you how to add protein powder to your favorite foods as a smart way to supercharge your diet and keep energy high throughout the day.)NIELSEN, COURTNEY LP19.99
5595QUICK AND EASY KETOGENIC COOKING (This book makes the ketogenic diet simple and accessible for everyone, no matter how busy you are or how much cooking experience you have. Plus, with its emphasis on real, whole foods, it's perfect for anyone following Paleo, and its abundance of nut-free, egg-free, and dairy-free options make it ideal for those with food allergies or intolerances. Includes more than 170 recipes.)EMMERICH, MARIALP39.95
5621RAINBOW OF SMOOTHIE BOWLS (Featuring over 100 amazing creations and more than 40 gorgeous full-color photos, this book serves up flavorful treats that are as nutritious as they are beautiful. Follow the recipes in this book to combine colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into delicious bowls.)WEINGUS, LEIGHLP21.5
5774RETOX (Strips yoga down to its anatomical principles, offering practical tips for fast relief of ailments. Then, drawing from a variety of disciplines?from psychology to nutrition to Tibetan philosophy?she designs no-nonsense strategies and delicious recipes to combat the most common challenges of modern life.)IMPARATO, LAURENLP22
6272SUPERFOOD SEAGREENS (More-than-75 versatile recipes include everything from smoothies and cocktails to exciting salads, delicious pasta dishes, savory stews and soups, even breakfast foods and desserts! This one-stop cookbook covers all the different types of seagreeens, explains their history and traditional uses, and offers suggestions on where to buy them.)SEAVER, BARTONLP16.95
6275SUPERFOOD SNACKS (Revolutionary superfoods like chia seeds, acai, and maca combine with whole food ingredients in 100 recipes, which creatively transform ?guilty? pleasures into incredible snacks loaded with premium nutrients.)MORRIS, JULIEH19.95
6791TURING OFF BREAST CANCER (A comprehensive and targeted program using nutrition and detoxification to prevent or heal breast cancer. Rooted in the science of epigenetics - how gene expression is affected by nutrients and toxins?readers learn how to restore their own genes via diet, supplementation, and detoxification.)CHANCE MS, CN, DANIELLALP27.99
6107TWO HUNDRED BEST SMOOTHIE BOWL RECIPES (Whether your smoothie bowl is packed with fruit, leafy greens or nuts, or has a base of coffee or tea, you?ll be sure to find a recipe perfectly suited for you in this collection of 200 refreshing choices. Each recipe features suggested topping options for added color, texture and crunch, taking your meal to a whole new level.)LEWIS, ALISONLP27.95
6645VEGAN CHOCOHOLIC (Gives information on how to create vegan chocolate and use it in a variety of recipes including cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, pies, "cheese"cakes, and spreads.)HOCHULI, PHILIPH29.95
6694VEGETARIAN FOOD FOR HEALTHY KIDS (Packed with simple, fresh recipes that are nutritious and use vegetables in interesting and inspiring ways, the book is set to lure even the most reticent of eaters. Each recipe highlights a super-healthy 'Hero Food', giving information on its health benefits, and also included are step-by-step 'Kids Cook' features, with ideas for delicious dishes children can cook themselves, with just a little help from a parent.)GRAIMES, NICOLALP23.95
6889WILD DIET (Go beyond Paleo to burn fat, beat cravings, and drop 20 pounds in 40 days, with foods found in the natural world, rich in fiber and nutrients.)JAMES, ABELLP24
6898WILD DRINKS AND COCKTAILS (Using easy to find ingredients you can create artisan drinks that will leave you feeling refreshed and even revitalized. Learn useful fermentation techniques to make your own kefir, and homemade soda. Brew your own teas, mix your own squashes, shrubs, switches, tonics, and infusions. You can even use the recipes to create powerful and healthful craft cocktails.)HAN, EMILYLP27.99
7032YOUR MENOPAUSE BIBLE (The complete practical guide to managing your menopause - minimizing its effects and maximizing its benefits. Subjects include guidelines on hormone therapy and natural alternatives, recommended dietary changes, exercise routines and strategies for safeguarding sexuality, intellectual ability and physical prowess.)PHILIPS, ROBIN N.H27.99
7048ZERO BELLY SMOOTHIES (With fat-burning proteins and a specially selected array of high-powered fruits and vegetables, these recipes are the fastest and most delicious way to sip off the pounds! Inside you?ll find a complete shopping guide, a bonus cleanse program, and more than 100 intensely flavorful recipes.)ZINCZENKO, DAVIDLP21.95