Selenite Products

Selenite Lamps & Candle Holders

Made from selenite stone these candle holders are ideal for meditation and instilling calm.

Natural Selenite Candle Holder
Stock # SNCH

Selenite Stones

Naturally-occurring Selenite is used in meditation and healing. Its white colour is associated with the crown chakra to clarify and balance mental processes. These Selenite Stress Stones can be used to calm and clear the mind and get rid of worries and stress.

Heart Stone
5 cm
Stock # SHS
Stress Stone
Stock # SSTS
Natural Stick
8" - 10"
Stock # SSN

Selenite Massage Wand

Stock # SWID

These beautiful hand-carved massage wands are contoured for a comfortable fit in the hand and smoothly rounded for a comforting therapeutic massage.

Each wand measures 4-5 inches.