WeBe Negative Ion Products

The WeBe™ Negative ion bracelets & necklaces, a series of products that harness the power of nature to enhance your Well Being will help to stimulate the mind, soothe the emotions & help the body. These products incorporate high-grade minerals, tourmailne & germanium, which have a natural charge, ground into a powder called Anion Powder, into liquid silicone during the manufacturing stage. Every WeBe ™ Negative Ion bracelet and necklace worn next to the skin allows a minimum of 1200 negative ions per cc (Sports Series more than 1500) to penetrate and be absorbed into the bloodstream, returning an ionic balance to the blood cells, creating an environment for improved health and well-being.

Sports Series

Silicone bracelets are very popular today in the marketplace. Using this popularity, WeBe Inc. has specially designed a series of bracelets for the active person.

WeBe Sport
Item # Product Description Size Colour
S03LG Silicone Sports Bracelet 8.5" Wide Blue
S04LG Silicone Sports Bracelet 8.5" Wide Red
S02LG Silicone Sports Bracelet 8.5" Wide White/Gray
S05LG Silicone Sports Bracelet 8.5" Wide Yellow