Gaiam Yoga and Fitness DVDs

Stock # TitleInstructor
7842 ABS YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (The mid-section is an essential part of healthy posture, good digestion and strong back support. This DVD guides yogi through a revitalizing workout of flowing and static postures, an excellent introduction to yoga. The 30 minute session includes Conscious Breathing, Abs Workout and Deep Relaxation.) YEE, RODNEY
7796 AM & PM TAI CHI (Prepare your mind and body for the day with these two complete T'ai Chi workouts that open the energy channels to find harmony and balance. 83 Minutes) ROSS, DAVID-DORIAN & MCPHEE, CJ
7803 AM & PM YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (DVD includes two complete workouts. AM Yoga - to awaken your mind and body and PM Yoga - a soothing routine to help you relax and unwind. 85 minutes) YEE, RODNEY & DEASON, SUZANNE & WALDEN, PATRICIA
7827 BACK CARE YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (Designed to strengthen your back and help counter the ill effects of our busy lives - stress, poor posture and weak muscles) YEE, RODNEY
7850 BALANCE BALL FOR WEIGHT LOSS (Utilizing a holistic approach, fitness instructor Suzanne Deason draws upon, yoga, Pilates, and traditional workout methods to target trouble areas to keep weight off. 50 Minutes.) DEASON, SUZANNE
7867 BALANCEBALL CORE CROSS TRAIN (By using "functional" exercises (those that mimic everyday activities), you will see significant results with less risk of injury.) DJELEVIC, TANJA
7857 BODY FOR LIFE FOR WOMEN WORKOUT (In a flexible 10, 20 or 30-minute program, you'll learn how to sculpt fat-burning muscle, achieve a healthy mental balance, and remove extra fat through energizing cardio, weight training and waist-trimming core workouts. Based on the best-selling Body-for-Life for Women program.) PEEKE MD, PAMELA
7828 BODY TARGET ABS (Develop firm, lean, supple abdominal muscles fast with two results-targeted workouts, Pilates for Abs and Yoga for Abs. 60 minutes) YEE, RODNEY & CABAN, ANA
7830 BODY TARGET HIPS & THIGHS (Sculpt buttocks and legs, trim hips and thighs, creating shapely curves. 60 minutes) HESSEL, JILLIAN & DEASON, SUZANNE
7839 CARDIO PILATES (An invigorating fusion of classic Pilates movements and fat-burning cardio exercise, Cardio Pilates delivers the strength conditioning effects Pilates is known for - as well as a result-intensifying, heart-rate boosting cardiovascular workout. 42 minutes) CABAN, ANA
7831 DAILY STRETCH (Restore youthful flexibility, strengthen core muscle groups and improve balance and posture. 20 minutes) LEWIS, MADELEINE
7868 DANCE CORE CROSS TRAIN (From Jazz to Latin and Hip-Hop, you'll learn all the basic moves from each genre and then string them together to look like a pro) MORENO, PATRICIA
7838 EASY PILATES (More then just a beginner's workout, Easy Pilates shows you the step-by-step fundamentals of the revolutionary fitness techniques developed by Joseph Pilates - and helps you master them at your own pace. 25 minutes) CABAN, ANA
7837 ENERGY BALANCE YOGA (An ideal complement to class instruction. DVD version includes a bonus workout, an on-screen pose guide and instructor interviews. 70 Minutes.) YEE, RODNEY
7832 ENERGY BOOST FOR SENIORS (Restore youthful energy, enhance mental vigor and strengthen overall health. 25 minutes) ROSS, DAVID-DORIAN
7846 FLEXIBILITY YOGA (Patricia Walden instructs two complete practice sessions designed to enhance vitality and provide greater range of movement. 85 Minutes.) WALDEN, PATRICIA
7847 INTERMEDIATE YOGA (Aids viewer's progress into the intermediate level through an introduction to new, more demanding inverted poses and an exposition of how to get more out of familiar poses. 65 Minutes.) YEE, RODNEY
7869 KICKBOX CORE CROSS TRAIN (In this exercise workout, you will punch, kick, jab and shuffle your way to a lean and toned body) MORENO, PATRICIA
7855 KUNDALINI YOGA (Guides yogi through an invigorating series of self-paced yoga sets that give the body an active workout and help to develop inner peace and outer strength. This yoga practice will help students thrive amid the challenges of today's stress-filled world. 60 minutes.) GURMUKH
7820 LOWER BODY CONDITIONING (Yoga, Pilates & Balance Ball - Powerful workouts to sculpt and tone the lower body and awaken the mind. 130 minutes) DEASON, SUZANNE & HESSEL
7859 MAINTENANCE PILATES FOR WEIGHTLOSS (A high intensity Pilates program designed to keep the pounds off and sustain weight-loss success and a strong, fit, healthy physique for life. Includes 45 minute DVD, 20 minute CD and a Bonus 15 minute pilates mat workout.) CABAN, ANA
7860 MAINTENANCE YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS (Both a yoga workout and a nurturing confidence-building mind-body fitness system, this collection of evening routines keeps health and fitness priorities in focus and on track. Includes 30-minute DVD, 15-minute CD and a Bonus 20-minute yoga workout.) DEASON, SUZANNE
7819 PILATE INTERMEDIATE MAT WORKOUT (This sequal to Beginning Mat Workout guides you through subtle yet challanging movements while focusing on on key principles of this unique method. 60 minutes) CABAN, ANA
7814 PILATES BEGINNING MAT WORKOUT (Focuses on strengthening the "powerhouse" - the muscles in the center of the body that are instrumental to creating and maintaining good posture and alignment. Includes an exclusive Pilates Energy Boost Bonus Workout. 60 minutes) CABAN, ANA
7797 PILATES BODYBAND CHALLENGE (For yogi that have mastered the beginner-level Pilates workouts and are ready for more of a challenge, this resistance-training, muscle-burning program will take it to the next level. Includes a 40-minute DVD and increased-resistance lavender Pilates BodyBand.) CABAN, ANA
7849 POSTNATAL YOGA (The most trusted postnatal yoga practice anywhere, this award-winning program is designed to be both safe after childbirth and focused on muscles used in labor, delivery and caring for baby. 1 hours 40 minutes.) REA, SHIVA
7818 POWER YOGA STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY (Build muscular strength, improve stamina and flexibility, and release physical tension. Includes 2 complete workouts. 75 minutes) YEE, RODNEY
7834 POWER YOGA TOTAL BODY (A seamlessly integrated program that helps to experience the benefits of power yoga more fully. 60 minutes) YEE, RODNEY
7821 PRENATAL YOGA (Stretches and strength-building exercises for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery. 90 minutes) REA, SHIVA
7861 QIGONG FOR CLEANSING (A step by step guide through a therapeutic blend of focused movement, deep breathing and creative visualization techniques. 45 minutes.) GARRIPOLI, FRANCESCO & LEE-GARRIPOLI, DAISY
7848 STRENGTH BUILDING YOGA (Offers an easy to follow guide on how to tone and strengthen the body through discipline. 80 Minutes.) YEE, RODNEY
7843 STRESS RELIEF YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (A rejuvenating workout to help minimize the effects of stress by developing a relaxed body and calmer, more peaceful mind. 65 Minutes) DEASON, SUZANNE
7840 VINYASA FLOW YOGA (Teaches a complete flow practice including modified Sun Salutations, standing poses, backward bends, twists, meditation and relaxation as well as instruction in Vinyasa breathing technique. 142 minutes) CORN, SEANE
7864 WALK SCULPT AND TONE (Offers choices that allow you to personalize the program to your daily needs: calorie burn or simply up the intensity by picking up the pace. Go for a 30-minute walk when your short on time or do the 60-minute routine when you want a longer workout. DVD 60 Minutes, CD 57 Minutes) ROCKER, DEBBIE
7856 YOGA BURN (This continuous yoga flow emphasizes transitioning slowly in and out of essential poses and "reps" to sculpt a defined, stronger body. Burn fat and move with mindfulness, more then other yoga programs. 60 Minutes.) YEE, RODNEY
7804 YOGA CONDITIONING FOR ATHLETES (A powerful program that can help enhance your athletic preformance no matter what the sport. DVD includes multi-level workouts, progressive workouts and guided instructions for five individual sports. 210 minutes) YEE, RODNEY
7800 YOGA CONDITIONING FOR WEIGHT LOSS (A one-of-a-kind program that gives you a new and more complete awareness of what your body needs, includes four levels of exercises to accommodate for different fitness levels. 240 minutes) DEASON, SUZANNE
7870 YOGA CORE CROSS TRAIN (You will work your entire body while increasing core strength, flexibility and alignment) YEE, RODNEY
7844 YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (Complete range of basic moves and poses; 70-minute DVD comes with a Beginners Pose Guide, and a 42-page Yoga Practice Guide booklet. Bi-lingual) WALDEN, PATRICIA
7808 YOGA FOR LONGEVITY (Yoga Journal - Shows how to transform the life-long physical, mental and emotional patterns that cause your body to age. 65 minutes) STRYKER, ROD
7812 YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS (30 Minute quick start. Step-by-step instruction and easy to learn, change-from-within bonus techniques cultivate the mind-body awareness and inner resolve you need to make healthy, positive choices every day. DVD 30 Minutes, CD 15 Minutes) DEASON, SUZANNE
7863 YOGA KIDS (Ages 3-6. These simple poses teach the yoga basics and respect for nature while improving your childs strength, flexability and confidence. 35 Minutes) WENIG, MARSHA
7798 YOGA KIDS 2 ABC'S FOR AGES 3 - 6 (Guides children through 26 playful kid-style poses, movements and games inspired by animals, flowers and other familiar icons kids love. Teaches yoga fundamentals in an educational and imaginative approach kids understand. 40 minutes) WENIG, MARSHA
7841 YOGA KIDS 3 SILLY TO CALM FOR AGES 3 - 6 (With this program kids can express, release and refocus excess vim and vigor - challanging muscles and thinking skills at the same time. 40 minutes) WENIG, MARSHA
7862 YOGA NOW (20-year yoga practitioner and actress Mariel Hemingway and acclaimed yoga expert Rodney Yee have combined the best of yoga, cardio and nutrition in Yoga Now, a system anyone can do. Kit includes 4 workouts 10-minute AM Energizer, 10-minute PM Destressor, 30-minute Core workout and 50-minute Accelerated Workout, as well as a Pose Guide, Meal Planner, Nutrition Plan and Daily Journal.) YEE, RODNEY & HEMINGWAY, MARIEL


Wellness Solution DVDs by Gaiam

Stock # TitleInstructor
7852 A.M. & P.M. MEDITATION (Creat inner calm and focus throughout your day as you follow this guided practice) YEE, RODNEY
7871 AYURVEDA FOR DETOX (Discover an ancient science perfectly adapted to the challenges of our modern world) DOUILLARD D.C., PhD
7872 AYURVEDA FOR STRESS RELIEF (Find balance in your life with a simple daily routine inspired by nature) DOUILLARD D.C., PhD
7873 AYURVEDA FOR WEIGHT LOSS (Learn how eating balanced, seasonal foods can help you lose weight, reduce stress and detoxify your system) DOUILLARD D.C., PhD
7888 CRAZY SEXY CANCER (Join actress and photographer Kris Carr on her inspirational journey about looking for a cure and finding a life in the face of cancer) CARR, KRIS
7785 HEALING YOGA (Yoga solutions that help to relieve stress, back pain, indigestion, fatigue and headache) YEE, RODNEY
7891 MASSAGE PRACTICE FOR INFANTS (Step-by-step safe and effective techniques that help relax your baby and relieve common physical discomforts) KLUCK, MICHELLE
7876 MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS (Take an inward journey of self-discovery as you follow this guided practive) MARITZA
7853 QIGONG FOR BEGINNERS (Boost immunity, live healthier, harness body-mind energy and take control of your own health) GARRIPOLLI, FRANCESCO
7835 QIGONG FOR DETOX (Detoxify your body through slow stretches & breathing exercises) GARRIPOLLI, FRANCESCO
7786 SIMPLE STEPS TO A BALANCED NATURAL PREGNANCY (Learn gentle exercises and how to eat for energy while exploring natural alternatives for pregnancy, labour and delivery) PENNINGTON, ANDREA
7788 SIMPLE STEPS TO LOOKING TEN YEARS YOUNGER (Shows how to help reverse the effects of aging by using simple, positive changes that increase your enery and enhance your appearance) GARCIA PhD, OZ
7784 SIMPLE STEPS TO NATURAL, DELICIOUS COOKING (Learn how to prepare mouth-watering and adventurous dishes, while using natural and fresh ingredients) NISCHAN, MICHEL
7874 STRONG WOMEN PREVENTING OSTEOPOROSIS (Reduce the risk of osteoporosis by following this step by step program) NELSON PhD, MIRIAM
7875 STRONG WOMEN WEIGHT LOSS (Shows you how you can change your behavior and take charge of your weight) NELSON PhD, MIRIAM
7782 THERAPEUTIC TOUCH (Demonstrates how to balance and energize the body using an ancient energy transfer practice) KLUCK, MICHELLE
7781 YOGA FOR BACK CARE (Follow Rodney Yee's guided instruction to help release back tension, realign the spine and strengthen your core torso muscles.) YEE, RODNEY
7783 YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF (Release tension in just 20 minutes and rebuild mind-body stress resilience with yoga) DEASON, SUZANNE


Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions by Gaiam

All DVD's are broken into three parts; Understanding your Condition, eating well to feel well, and soothing therapies.

Stock # TitleInstructor
7816 GENTLE YOGA FOR BEGINNERS (Two encouraging and easy-to-follow yoga sessions are slow paced, emphasizing simple and effective postures. These are stretches that anyone at any fitness level can do. 40 minutes) MATKI, CHARLES
7815 PILATES MAT AND BALL WORKOUT (This DVD includes three complete workouts based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, Body Sculpting Big Ball Workout, Fat Burning Big Ball Workout and Pilates Mat Workout. 105 Minutes) GILLIES, LIZ
7817 STRENGTHEN AND TONE BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE (These two yoga programs feature easy-to-follow poses to develop a completely toned body. 40 minutes) MONNESS, JEN
7806 YOGA FOR A STRONG & HEALTHY BACK (Yoga Zone - An easy-to-follow video for beginner to intermediate fitness level. The exercises in these two twenty-minute sessions will strengthen your abdominal muscles,improve your alignment and help you build a stronger back.) YOGA ZONE
7813 YOGA SCULPTING FOR BEGINNERS (Yoga Zone - The yoga routines in these two sessions will tighten your abs, lift your buttocks and strengthen your upper body. This easy-to-follow video is appropriate for beginners and intermediate levels.) YOGA ZONE
7805 YOGA ZONE BOX SET (Three DVD's that allow you to create your own personal routine, Yoga for Abs, Total Body Conditioning and Introduction to Power Yoga. 120 minutes) YOGA ZONE


Stott Home Series DVDs

Stock # TitleRequired Equipment
8903 BASIC PILATES (Trilingual - 25 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8905 BE KIND TO YOUR SPINE (English - 27 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8906 BODY & SOUL (English - 48 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8907 CORE BALANCE (Bilingual - 48 Minutes) Stability Ball, Exercise Mat
8908 CORE CHALLENGE (English - 37 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8914 FIRM & FIT (English - 101 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8917 FITNESS CIRCLE FLOW (Bilingual - 30 Minutes) Fitness Circle, Exercise Mat
8915 FITNESS FUN: PILATES FOR KIDS (English - 26 Minutes) Exercise Mat, Small Ball
8949 PAIN FREE POSTURE (English - 29 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8951 POWER PACED FITNESS CIRCLE (Bilingual - 31 Minutes) Fitness Circle, Exercise Mat
8952 POWER PACED PILATES (Bilingual - 25 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8953 PRENATAL PILATES ON THE BALL (English 43 Minutes) Stability Ball, Flex-Bands
8954 PURE VITALITY (English - 41 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8918 INTENSE SCULPTING CHALLENGE (English 42 Minutes) Exercise Mat, Flex-Bands
8956 RELAXATION WORKOUT (Trilingual - 17 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8958 REVIVE WORKOUT (English - 22 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8961 SCULPT & TONE (Bilingual - 48 Minutes) Flex-Band, Exercise Mat
8962 SCULPT & TONE with Flex Band (Bilingual - 48 Minutes Includes Flex-Bands) Flex-Band, Exercise Mat
8963 SECRET TO FLAT ABS (English - 48 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8964 SECRET TO TONED ARMS, BUNS & THIGHS (Bilingual - 25 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8970 SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS VOLUME 1 (Bilingual - 100 Minutes) Supportive Walking Shoes, Exercise Mat
8862 SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS POWER PACK (Secrets to Weight Loss Vol. 1 & 2, Water Bottle, Nutritional Booklet, Easy Start Poster) Supportive Walking Shoes, Exercise Mat
8971 SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS VOLUME 2 (Bilingual - 112 Minutes) Supportive Walking Shoes, Exercise Mat
8965 SIMPLE STRETCHES (English - 41Minutes) Exercise Mat
8966 STANDING TALL (English - 38 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8967 STRONG & STREAMLINED (English - 45 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8968 SUNRISE WORKOUT (English - 22 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8969 SUPERIOR BALANCE (English - 42 Minutes) Stability Ball, Exercise Mat
8974 TOTAL BODY TONING (Bilingual - 101 Minutes) Toning Balls, Exercise Mat
8976 ULTIMATE BODY SCULPTING (Bilingual - 40 Minutes) Flex-Band, Exercise Mat
8983 WALK ON TO WEIGHT LOSS (Bilingual - 53 Minutes) Supportive Walking Shoes
8982 WALK ON TOTAL FITNESS (Bilingual - 34 Minutes) Supportive Walking Shoes
8942 MATWORK ADVANCED (English - 51 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8920 FOAM ROLLER CHALLENGE (English 46 Minutes) Exercise Mat, Foam Rollers
8943 MATWORK ESSENTIAL (English - 57 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8944 MATWORK INTERMEDIATE (English - 44 Minutes) Exercise Mat
8973 TONING BALL WORKOUT (English - 42 Minutes) Toning Balls, Exercise Mat
Stock # TitleInstructor


All Other DVDs

Stock # TitlePublisher
7790 BALANCE (The ying and yang of life, everything in the world has a fine balance. Take time out to retune your body's own natural balance. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7791 CALMING (Creating a wonderful calming atmosphere. Bring a sense of peace, tranquillity and wholeness into the home. Calming brings together the finest relaxation music with a visiual delight of mesmerising images. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7851 FOOT REFLEXOLOGY A STEP BY STEP GUIDE (Learn the simple techniques used to stimulate the reflex areas of the feet, to help reduce tension and stress. Includes a foot chart. Approximately 55 minutes) PACIFIC INST OF REFLEXOLOGY
7792 HARMONY (Tuning the mind, body and spirit so they work in perfect harmony. An eclectic collection of musical compositions blended with an awe inspiring visual experience. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7793 HEALING (Healing the mind, body and spirit, captivating images of serenity help take you to your own relaxing place far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7794 PURITY (A beautiful collection of therapeutic visions and music to help cleanse the mind and strengthen the spirit. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7575 RAW FOOD MADE EASY (A great companion item to the best-selling book, this informative and entertaining DVD expands on the recipes and tips found in Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People.) CORNBLEET, JENNIFER
7795 SERENITY (Revitalise your whole body and mind, find your worries of everyday life drifting away. Serenity means just that, a calm, safe place where you can listen to the infinity of life. DVD+CD, 60+ Minutes) FOREIGN MEDIA
7789 SUN SALUTATIONS (Presents a complete at-home course on the fundamental movements of the sun salutation, which includes a dynamic sequence of asanas that provide guidance in yoga breath and a rich background of world beat and ambient music. 68 Minutes) REA, SHIVA
7865 YOU ON A DIET DVD (Provides complete and easy to follow action steps on how to diet smart, not hard! Dr Roizen provides in depth instructions on how to reorganize your lifestyle to start building a healthier, slimmer YOU!) ROIZEN, DR MICHAEL
7866 GMO Trilogy (Why genetically modified organisms threaten your health, the environment and futrue generations, 3 Disc Set) SMITH, JEFFREY
2415 ENLIGHTENED EATING (From the author of the best selling book of the same title, this DVD is a practical plant-based diet that emphasizes whole, local and living foods that are ideal for the well-being of the body, the growth of the soul and the health of the planet) DUPONT, CAROLINE
7854 SIMPLE STEPS TO A GREENER HOME (Smart and stylish ideas for turning your home into an Earth-Friendly oasis proving that green living can be gorgeous living too) SEO, DANNY
7787 GROWNING GREEN BABIES (Sustainable lifestyle experts share tips and info on how to have an organic pregnancy and raise a green bundle of joy) SNOW, SARA
7887 BLACK GOLD, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE (Tracing the path of the coffee consumed to the farmers who produce the bean. Shows the conditions under which coffee is produced and to decide what we can do about it) FULCRUM PRODUCTIONS